Happy Tails


February of 2012 I got a call from someone who had found a dog that was in horrible shape and she needed help saving her life.  They took her to a local vet where she stayed for 3 weeks while she healed.  She came in only weighing 61 lbs.  She had mastitis, broken teeth and scars and wounds all over her body.  If you tried to touch her she would cower down in fear.    I made some calls and sent some emails out and a foster was found for her.  Her foster dad, Keith Toney only had her for 2 hours when he knew he would never be able to let her go.  It took time but with Keith's love he won Nena over and she is now a confident, loving, wonderful dog.  He saw her beauty when she was at her worst. Now a year later she loves everyone and is a certified therapy dog, bringing joy to those that need it.  I am so happy that I had a hand in rescuing her and helping her see that there are kind people in this world.



Harley (now renamed Joker) is a 7 month old pit bull that was picked up as a stray by our local shelter. He had some problems with his back hips and had a hard time walking.

Sanctuary Animal Refuge in Clewiston, FL agreed to help this boy. He flew to Florida with the help of Pilots N Paws. The receiving rescue took him to the vet and the report was that there is nerve damage to his right left hip and leg due to his being kicked. He also has a small fracture that has not healed properly.

The vet thinks he was used as a bait dog due to healed puncture wounds that went all the way through one of his hind legs. In spite of all of these horrible things done to him Harley (now renamed Joker) is one of the sweetest dogs you could ever hope to meet.


Bette is a 2 year old female border collie who was left behind when her family moved.  She was eventually picked up by animal control which is where we found her.  She is a wonderful dog who will kennel up at the snap of a finger, is housetrained and knows the commands sit and release. 

She was adopted on April 30, 2010 to a wonderful family with 2 kids.


Pumpkin is a 6-7 year old cockapoo who was surrendered to the shelter in Shreveport, LA.  Because of her age she wasn't going to be put up for adoption.  A kind lady in Dawson, TX saw her and instantly fell in love with her.  Her application was approved and she will be transported to her new furever home next week.


Speckle (now Skylar) is a 2-3 year old female skye terrier mix.  She was deemed unadoptable by the shelter in Shreveport so we rescued her.  She was shaggy and terrified when we got her.  After a grooming and some TLC she became a different dog - tail wagging and friendly. She was pregnant and gave birth to 7 puppies of which one survived.  She was recently adopted by a loving family and is very happy in her new home.



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